Top 4 Revered Industrial Couch Designs


Top 4 Revered Industrial Couch Designs

In the sofa industry, many styles have flourished over the years. While previously there are only the standard British two seats, the world of couch and sofa has grown bigger with more creative styles and designs. The industrial couch is one those booms that flood the sofa industry. While it was only a simple wood and cushion in the industrial building, nowadays it becomes a new favored style for the living room. Hence, let’s see these four revered industrial couch design you should check.

IKEA Ekebol 


On the top list, we have the couch from the famous brand, IKEA. Their industrial couch creation in the first glance might look quirky on the look, but it’s also a sleek and a true innovation of industrial style. For design-wise, this furniture is not yet close to IKEA best design, yet the uniqueness embroidered to its frame gives Ekabol its own trademark. Furthermore, the under space and side space for storage is very lovable since it makes a great suit to a small living room that wants a touch of retro style with a lot of open space to put things. Accordingly, this industrial couch is also favored for comfort wise since the open side doesn’t restrict your legs to stretch while you’re reading your favorite book. Another plus point of this urban styled couch is the price which is highly affordable!

Rex Industrial 


For the next one, we have Rex Industrial with the simple and elegant design to strengthen your living room with a minimalist touch. This sofa is constructed with a sturdy frame of stainless steel and covered with natural light grey linen. Rex industrial does live its name that it gives a bold presence in your living room of the sleek industrial style. Another thing that’s great about this couch is the easiness to keep it clean. The cushion covers are removable which only means it makes a lighter job to washing. Hence, if you’re searching for bold industrial style furniture, Rex will make an unbeatable candidate for design wise. However, to take this beautiful piece home, you’ll need to dig quite deep from your savings.  

Acme Silchester


With the frame made of Oakwood and the body covered with leather, Acme Silchester is no doubt the exclusive face of industrial couch style. The strong frame that guarantees its durability and the combination of leather which only gets more enchanting as the years go by, this couch should be awarded a trophy for its design. The distress chocolate painted, in addition, creates a dramatic vintage look that’s not presented in the general look of an industrial sofa. It also has a competitive price that won’t make you go bankrupt for taking it to your house. For design and quality such as Acme Silchester, your investment won’t be regrettable.   

Regis Sofa


If you’re searching for a simple, elegant, and affordable couch which can make your living room look modern and industrial all the same time, this must be your go. Regis sofa with its soft gray color gives a brilliant and sophisticated eloquence that will engage any of your guests to its beauty. Accordingly, if you wish to have a couch that lasts for a decade, Regis also serves that for you. Made of the hardwood and sturdy metal combination, it makes this industrial couch durable for a long time.

These four industrial couches stand out and equally well-rounded in various aspects, no wonder that a lot of people love them. Are you now falling in love with their beauty as well?