Leather Sofa Couch Guidance: Top 5 Things to Avoid



Leather Sofa Couch Guidance: Top 5 Things to Avoid

Leather sofas and couches are known to be expensive which makes it very rewarding if one has the ability to reside it in his living room. However, that it takes quite a big sum of money, it’ll be utterly daunting if one accidently ruins this expensive furniture. Thus, for the new comer in leather sofa couch union, here are the top 5 things you should avoid to keep the safety of your new leather sofa and couch.   

1. Heat Source

Leather sofas and couches are fancy furniture that you’ll proudly put on show. The luxurious and classy aspect owned by leather is undeniable after all, but you should be cautious on where you put it. Instead of giving a good impression to your guest, you may lose the proof of your hard work if you aren’t being careful. Leather material is rather sensitive to heat, so you should keep it away from direct sunlight and fireplace at all costs.

2. Wet cloth

Generally, we clean dirt on any surface with wet cloth. But, that method isn’t applicable on leather surface. Leather absorbs water which means, water will cause damage on your leather sofa couch. If you need to clean your sofa, damp the clean cloth only slightly. In addition, if you want to get rid of liquid stain, use dry cloth and gently tap it instead of rubbing it.

3. Pet Scratching

Many of us are pet lovers and sometimes it never appears that the cute animal coloring our life can be a danger to our property.  But, it’s better for you to watch and train your pet to stay away from the exclusive leather sofa couch you just buy this week. Leather is highly sensitive when it comes to sharp objects. Your pet, especially cat, can be the main source of its destruction. Scratching will leave a big damage to the leather surface. Thus, you can’t just put your guard down when your cat or dog plays around it.

4. Detergent

If you have a cleaning habit and decide to clean the leather sofa so it’ll look like new, you should avoid the use of detergent for whatever reasons. The chemical in detergent is too dangerous and hard for leather. In fact, it’ll be more damaging than the dirt you desperately want to scrub away. So, if you want to polish the look of leather sofas or couches, your option returns to lightly damped cloth and vacuum. To keep it like new, you can do the routine of applying leather condition in every six months.

5. Paint

If you’re a painter, or you’re in the middle of an art project, and you have this lovely couch in your living room, make a mental note to stay far when you have any paint around. Paint stain is the number one enemy of leather material since it needs a lot of efforts to get it gone. It can also change the color of your leather which is really the main thing you want to avoid.

Thus, for the new comers in leather sofa couch union, keep these five things in mind to keep the longevity of your sleek furniture.